Elder Care Oakbrook Is A Huge Responsibility

| Saturday, February 12, 2011
By Estela Roy

The elder care Oakbrook and other areas is a problem that many, including baby boomers are faced with. And in a short time, those who are facing the problem will be passing it on to their children, who will be looking after them.

Sometimes, changes need to be made in the environment for the elderly, even if they do spend much of their time alone in the home. Wheelchairs, walkers, potty chairs and hand rails can be important additions making a home safe and easier for your loved one to navigate. Rugs may be taken up, ramps provided and furniture moved in order to avoid an accident.

Caretakers coming into the home can make it easier, and many agencies provide housekeepers, nurses, therapists, etc., which may qualify for some government or insurance coverage. Most of these agencies can help you find out if you qualify for help in the home. Even just having a neighbor stop by, maybe provide a meal while you are away can make a huge difference.

Government assistance may be available. This would depend on where you live. Having someone stay with your elderly parent, preparing meals, administering medicine and helping them dress could be necessary. The needs of the elderly change with time, and you need to be aware of even small changes like forgetting things or mood swings.

When it is not safe or possible to keep the elderly family member in your home, you can find many places available such as nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Visit these places and learn all you can about them before deciding if this is what is needed for your particular love one. You should determine if the activities are personalized, check out the food provided and talk to the residents as well as the staff.

Visit often and have other friends and family visit. You will find that if the staff know you are coming often, it will make a significant difference in the care provided. You may want to volunteer at the facility, perhaps teaching a class on crafts, gardening or woodwork.

Taking responsibility for the elder care Oakbrook and all areas requires careful consideration. Certainly if it takes a village to raise children, that same village needs to work together to see that those who are no longer independent and have special needs are looked after in the best way possible. We are all very likely going to be in that situation sooner or later. The baby boomers have had to learn how to care for their parents, and before long their children will be faced with the same challenges.

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