Assisted Living Portland Oregon: Providing Comfort and Care for Senior Citizens

| Friday, February 18, 2011
By Neil Gladfelter

Residents of assisted living facilities are elderly people. Such facilities provide the needed assistance and supervision that they need. An assisted living facility should be looked into if you are seeing signs that your family member who is an elderly is already finding it hard to do the tasks needed in everyday living.

As we grow older we start to lose our agility, strength and even our memory. Regular tasks become difficult and remembering things can pose a challenge. For the safety and advantage of the elderly, it is best that they reside in retirement communities that provide daily assistance and supervision of their activities.

If you are moving your elderly family member or relative to an assisted living facility, keep in mind that this can be a very emotional move. This would mean that the elderly would be closing a chapter of their lives. This can be extra emotional since moving to a facility would not just mean that they are leaving their homes for many years but would also be leaving the friends and acquaintances they have made in their lives. It would be nice if the elderly would be able to say their proper goodbyes to the people whom they considered greatly in their lives.

It would be better if you would assist your elderly loved one in packing their things that they would bring with them in the facility. This would be a way to show them that you are there for them in this journey. You can as well take this opportunity to make sure that they would have the things that they need to bring in the facility.

In moving to an assisted living facility, keep in mind that your loved one would be going through a big change. It would be like starting life all over again and in a different area with new people. It would help for them to have some familiar things in their new home in the facility. It would be ideal if you bring in the old furniture such as their favorite couch or lounge chair to be in the new home instead of buying new ones.

Before you sign up your elderly family member to a facility, a visit of the place would be advisable. Remember that they would be the one settling in on the community. You should let them be a part of making the decision on which facility they would want to make a home of.

The moment you see signs of assistance needed in the daily living of your senior citizen family members, you should first sit down with them and have a serious talk. Advise them of their situation and the advantages of living in an assisted living facility. Keep in mind that moving to a facility would be a very emotional decision for you and most especially the elderly who would be moving but the most important thing to remember is that the move to such facility is for their best interest and benefit.

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