Assisted Living Portland Oregon: Offering a Warm and Safe Community for the Elderly

| Saturday, February 5, 2011
By Lakisha Cranor

When we get older, we would start becoming moving slow and would have difficulty in our movements. Aging comes with living. There is nothing we can do to undo aging. We would have as well difficulty remembering even small things like taking our medications and some people who grow older, memories of the old life would be totally forgotten.

It would be hard for an elderly to live alone. Simple tasks like preparing meals would be something that he or she can not manage on her own. The elderly might even forget about her medication which can be dangerous if he or she has a condition. Crossing the streets would be a dangerous task as well as driving for some elderly.

Assisted living facilities were put up to address the needs of elderly for assistance in their lives while maintaining some form of freedom. This type of facility will make sure that the elderly are assisted with tasks that are already difficult for our old loved ones to accomplish such as meal preparations, administering of medications, baths, changing of clothes, laundry and housekeeping.

Putting a loved one in an assisted living facility will mean that the assistance that your elderly loved ones need is provided. The people caring for your loved ones in an assisted living facility have been trained for many years for the care that should be given to elderly people. The facility would as well have medical personnel for any medical emergency situation.

A community of elderly residents is what an assisted facility is. The elderly people living in such a facility would own a house or an apartment but would be supervised for activities and daily tasks. The assisted living facility provides the sense of freedom that the elderly needs as well as the caring and supervision that they also need.

Elderly would as well find the emotional support that they would be looking for in their lives. They would be able to meet and live in a community where everyone is at the same phase in their lives. They would find new friends and would be able to relate with one another. Assisted living facilities also provide group activities that the elderly would need. They can socialize through dress up parties, karaoke and card games. The activities in assisted living facilities would differ however all the activities are designed to play well with the physicality of the elderly. Some assisted living facilities also have modernized their group activities by including computer games such as Wii.

Most children would see the aging of their parents. For the younger generation, the main concern would be the safety of our elderly loved ones. We should all look out for the elderly. If you have a parent or a grandparent who had come to the stage where he or she can not take care of herself fully, you should provide them with the assistance they need. If you can't provide the assistance yourself, you should consider an assisted living facility.

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