Assisted Living Portland Oregon: Give Only The Most Excellent Care Provider for your Loved Ones

| Friday, February 4, 2011
By Elnora Speicher

Some elderly would find preparing their meals, bathing and changing their clothes difficult. If you have a loved one who is already a senior citizen and can no longer do these tasks, assistance and supervision should be given daily. If you already have a busy life and can not give this needed daily supervision to your elderly loved one, the best option would be to sign him or her up to an assisted living facility. Assisted living facilities provide the needed care and supervision for senior citizens.

The city is not an ideal place for senior citizens. Car horns would go off every now and then. The sound of planes and trains would disrupt their sleep or rest. There is just too much chaos in the city. The elderly would as well need weekly supplies of necessity such as food, water, cleaning materials and many things. If they do the task of doing the groceries themselves, this could be too risky for them.

Forgetfulness would be something that goes with aging. This can bring injury or accidents to elderly people. For example, an elderly may forget that she is cooking something or would fall asleep while cooking. This risk can be life threatening. Simple chores such as meal preparation, washing dishes, house cleaning and laundry would already be too difficult for those who are senior citizens. Since the body and the immune system would not be as strong as it once was, elderly may fall ill many times and would need the care and assistance of other people. Some elderly would as well have medical conditions that would need daily medication and if they forget to take their medication , this could cause serious trouble.

This is where assisted living facilities come in. You would such facilities as best suited for the elderly. Assisted living facilities would provide the environment that is quiet, peaceful and safe for senior citizens. They would be able to enjoy living in a house with a sense of freedom with the right balance of supervision that they greatly need.

Assisted living facilities would as well have group activities designed for the residents' fun and enjoyment. The activities would not be physically demanding. There are games designed to serve as a form of physical exercise while board games and card games will stimulate brain activity. Many facilities have already adapted to the modern world. They have included computer games such as Wii in their activities. This can be both for the entertainment of the elderly as well as some physical exercise with some computer games designed as sports.

There are karaoke and singing activities. This would give the elderly the chance to show their talents. There would as well be dances or dress up functions that would again give them the chance to socialize with fellow residents. The facility would as well encourage the elderly to have time for themselves. They could have a leisure walk in the gardens or catch up on their readings. Assisted living facilities would have the fresh air and the gentle breeze that most senior citizens need instead of the highly polluted air of the city. The peacefulness of such facilities would be very ideal for the elderly to get well rested in their everyday activities.

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