Strategies To Postpone The Process Of Aging

| Sunday, February 20, 2011
By Nicole J. Real

The greatest desire people have today is the ability to look younger, with their skin youthful and without wrinkles. All they need to achieve this is to eat the right foods, with essential fatty acids. They also need to eat foods that are packed with anti-oxidants and some proteins.

Salmon is both tasty and is popular because of its anti-aging properties. The salmon eaters know that the best one is Wild Pacific Salmon since its counterpart; the Atlantic type does not have the same content of anti-oxidants. It is also thought that the latter has some traces of what causes PCB concentrations and that is the infamous carcinogen.

You could also use fish oil supplements to make the skin firm; as it has been proved that the skin improves by ten percent.

It is common knowledge that weak collagen fibers cause wrinkles on the skin, so the corrective measures is to get protection by eating lots of fruits that have vitamin C. It will firm the skin automatically and make you look a lot younger and healthy.

Eating tomatoes plus green tea is also one of the ways of getting protection for your skin as it is shielded from the sun. The direct rays of the sun are destructive to the skin and so one should maintain the two anti-oxidants to protect the skin.

There is a lot of research going on to find out if soya can help in anti-aging. This is because it has lots of proteins that make it the right type of food that would make the skin smooth and wrinkle-free.

Of course this only means that eating simple carbohydrates will not do you much good, so with the correct diet your body will reward you with a great looking skin. Remain rooted to this kind of diet and watch your body become perfectly healthy.

Note that there is also the option of using anti-aging creams which have the same properties as those in the foods. It only means that you apply these creams on the skin and they will give you similar results as what you get from eating food.

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