Seeking Senior Plans?

| Friday, February 25, 2011
By Agent Johnna Blalock

There is a government health plan called Medicare that provides hospital, medical and surgical benefits to patients age 65 and older with certain illnesses. This coverage may not be able to cover all of your health care costs, so you have the option to purchase additional coverage through a private health provider called Medigap Insurance.

A Senior plan is a health insurance policy sold by private insurance companies to fill the "gaps" in the original Medicare Plan by helping you pay health care costs that the Original Medicare plan (not to be confused with the Medicare Advantage Plans) doesn't cover. Get Affordable Quotes for Medicare Supplements.

Original Medicare and Medigap coverage share the costs of health care. If you are interested in obtaining a Senior plan, you must contact an insurance agent or company directly for rates. There are many plans you can choose from when seeking Supplemental coverage. Some pay 100% of the difference where some have deductible and co pays.

Medigap plans currently have 12 different plans available. Plans A through L are available. All plans have a different set of benefits available to you. Your premium is based on the exact plan design and company rate. All costs of these plans are your responsibility as they are in addition to existing coverage.

Medigap policies do not cover out of pocket expenses in Medicare Advantage plans. Like HMO's and PFFS. These policies pick up the difference once the basic Medicare plan pays.

Some SELECT plans require that you pay a copay when you visit your regular Dr. SELECT plans do cover benefits provided in Medigap policies A through J, however you must select an in network provider to have benefits covered.

Medicare SELECT plans will cover the benefits provided in Senior plans A through J, so long as you see an in-network provider. Some SELECT policies may require you to pay a small co-payment when you visit a physician If you have Medicare before the age 65, because of a disability, you may be able to purchase a Senior plan.

Many states have laws requiring Insurance companies to offer Supplemental policies to those who qualify for Medicare prior to age 65 because of a disability. You are eligible to purchase Medigap policies at the age of 65, but if you have a disability and are receiving benefits and are in a participating state, you may be eligible now.

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