Assisted Living Portland Oregon: Your Ally in Making Living Comfortable for the Elderly

| Thursday, February 17, 2011
By Dona Boice

The rise in the number of assisted living facilities is great news for the elderly. This would mean that they would have a wider selection for their pick in which community to live in when the time comes that they can no longer manage a life on their own. Assisted living communities provide the care and supervision that the elderly needs. In assisted living communities the elderly are greatly benefited.

There are a number of factors to consider in looking at assisted living facilities. Research would be needed so that you can ensure that the facility you choose for your loved one would serve them best. With the rise in numbers, you would have plenty to choose from and research on.

The internet would be your friend in your search for the assisted living facility that would suit the needs of the elderly. These facilities would have websites that would allow you to take a peak at how things are run in certain facilities. You would note that these facilities vary in prices and the services they offer.

To start off your search, have a price range in mind. List all the facilities that you can afford. This would help narrow down your search. The cost of the facility is not an ultimate factor that determines the quality of their service. High priced facilities do not mean that these places are best suited for your loved ones. Low cost facilities would as well not necessarily mean that you would get a low quality service.

The services provided would make a big difference on how comfortable life would be for your loved ones in a facility. You should make sure that the assistance your elderly loved one needs is provided by the facility you pick. Keep in mind what they need in looking at the services offered. You can as well check if additional requests for additional services can be granted by the facility. If your elderly loved one needs physical therapy or rehabilitation, you should check if the facility have trained and qualified medical personnel to supervise and administer such therapy.

Assisted living facilities would have social activities for its residents. Socialization is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle. You would want your elderly loved one to be able to have a social life while in a facility. Elderly people need entertainment as well. Check out what kind of activities are provided and see if these would stir the interest of your loved ones.

It is important to check if there were or are any complaints reported against a facility. It is a sad fact but there have been some reports filed about abuse and maltreatment in some facilities. You would want to make sure that the facility you place your loved ones in can be trusted to ensure their safety and comfortable living.

After your research on the internet, don't forget to ask around for recommendations. You can ask relatives, people at work, friends and neighbors for any recommendation. They may have already done this process of finding a place for the elderly as well.

Before you sign a contract with a facility, make sure to read and understand their policies. A site visit would as well be ideal before signing up your loved one to a facility. You can see for yourself the facility, its environment and how things are done. You can have a small talk to the staff or the elderly residing in the facility. Make sure to look around and observe. Ask your questions to the administrator and assess the answers carefully.

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