Assisted Living Portland Oregon: Giving a Safe and Comfortable Haven for the Elderly

| Monday, February 7, 2011
By Edwina Makris

When we grow older we would be experiencing difficulties in managing on our own. No longer do we have the swift movements and agility that we used to have. We would be needing the assistance of other people. We would not want to bother though our children who are as well busy with their own lives, either family or career. For elderly people, assisted living communities would be the best place to turn to.

Assisted living facilities will create the balance of independence and supervision in senior citizens. Residents of an assisted living facility will still have some sense of independence with monitoring of caregivers on diet and administration of medicines required for some of the residents. There are those as well who would need physical therapy which would be taken care of by the facility.

Daily tasks such as meal preparations and housekeeping will be taken care of by the facility. These simple tasks would already be too physically demanding for the elderly. The caregivers would as well be ready to provide assistance for tasks such as bathing or changing of clothes to any resident who would need it.

Each resident would be given a home or an apartment which would have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and a living area. The caregivers of the facility would routinely maintain the home of each resident everyday. The caregivers of the facility would take care of tasks such as changing the linens, dusting and cleaning the house as well as doing the laundry. There would be a common area where meals are prepared for all the residents however if the resident requires his or her food to be served in his own home, this would be possible as well.

Each home may look modest but these homes are designed for the comfort and convenience of the elderly. The home that they have would have enough space even with walkers and wheelchairs. These facilities provide recreational activities and group activities that would be enjoyed by its residents. Interaction and socializing is greatly promoted within the residents of such facilities. This way the elderly would still lead their lives with normalcy.

Should a resident fall ill, the facility has qualified medical professionals who can attend to his or her medical needs. The residents would as well have the freedom to bring in their choice of doctors. Should they wish to be cared for in a hospital while they are ill, the facility would allow the transport of the resident to the hospital for check up or confinement if advised by the attending physician. Once the doctor clears the resident for release, he or she would be able to get back to her home in the facility.

With assisted living facilities, we know that there would be a place that we can turn to once we grow old and no longer able to fend for ourselves. Elderly people would be able to still lead a normal life with the supervision of the caregivers of assisted living facilities

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