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| Monday, February 21, 2011
By Estela Roy

Having to watch how our parents age and loose their independence can sometimes be a traumatic time for many children. When the time comes for you to decide what to do with them, it is usually agonizing, especially if there is more than one sibling. Often children cannot agree on what to do and the parents land up in a place that is unsuitable. However, there is another option like finding home care Oakbrook.

The other aspect is whether they get the proper treatment in retirement institutions. There are some horrific stories out there of people being badly mistreated. Of course, not all nursing facilities are the same and some are excellent. The level aid needed is also a main concern and sometimes it is better to get a professional to give aid to the individual in the privacy of his or her own home.

Some children think that putting their parents in an retirement institution is the best solution. Their parents will be fed, bathed and entertained and that is about all an old person needs. Of course this is not true. Being in comfortable and familiar surroundings, has been proven to be more conducive to an aged person coping with everyday hassles, than having to cope with strangers pushing and pulling at you all day long in a place that can be cold and impersonal.

Finding the best home aid service can become a nightmare if you do not have enough information to help you with your decision. Two things are important: price and the level of help that is needed. In this regard, some hospitals have opened up departments where they will send out their nurses to see to their patients at their house. This way health costs can be managed better, as it would be cheaper to treat someone outside of hospital, especially if they have to stay overnight.

In times where medication and special needs are to be administered, then it could be done at the house instead of in hospital where the price per day is sometimes very expensive. This could be a huge cost saving benefit when medical insurance runs out.

On the other hand, your parent or parents might be healthy, but are not able to do small tasks such as buying the groceries, driving to the doctors or even taking a bath. A home aid service is equipped do these small tasks as well as help bed-ridden patients if need be.

Another added bonus is that your parents will receive individual attention which is almost impossible in a nursing home, which is most of the time understaffed as it is. The aged get the attention they deserve and everyone copes better with the idea of aging and all that it brings. The solution is thus to consider home care Oakbrook today.

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