Let the Elderly Enjoy a Stress Free Life with Assisted Living Portland Oregon

| Tuesday, February 22, 2011
By Alejandra Metzgar

A life to manage on their own can become hard for the elderly. We have to admit that at some point we would grow old and lose the fit physicality that we once had. Living alone can pose great risk of injury and harm to the elderly. Assisted living facilities provide a better and comfortable life for the elderly.

Assisted living facilities are communities for elderly people. In such facilities, the elderly would have their own home and daily tasks such as housekeeping, changing of linens, laundry and preparing of meals are taken care by the staff and personnel of the facility. The burden of doing such tasks is taken away from the shoulders of the elderly.

For those who are having difficulty with their movements, assistance will be provided by such facility in bathing and changing of clothes. The physical therapy and rehabilitation of the elderly can be carried out as well by the trained personnel of assisted living facilities.

The elderly would have things to do in the facility. Facilities have designed social activities and recreation for its residents. Socializing is highly promoted within the community. Some facilities would have a common area where food is served so that residents would have the chance to meet and get acquainted.

The environment in assisted living facilities would be ideal for the elderly. Facilities would be surrounded by flowering plants, grass and trees. The air would be much cleaner than compared in the busy streets of the city. They would be able to catch their much needed rest and sleep.

When you are considering assisted living facilities, you should keep in mind that the change can be very emotional. You should discuss this option to the elderly before you sign them to a facility. You can let them help you pick the facility that they would want to stay in and you can take them to these communities for a visit.

You should as well allow your elderly loved one to be able to say good bye to their friends, neighbours and acquaintances before the move to a facility rather than just packing and leave. Keep in mind that the elderly has spent much of their lives with the people around them and there would be a strong emotional attachment.

For them to settle in more quickly to their new home in the facility, it is best that you bring along some things from the old house. It would be difficult for them to settle in a new home after years of staying in the same familiar place. Let them have something that has been with them for many years in the new home. You can bring in their old couch or book shelves. These things can help them settle down in the new home more comfortably.

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