Common Indicators of Nursing Home Abuse

| Saturday, February 26, 2011
By Rodney May

If ever you find yourself scared that a close relative is the recipient of nursing home maltreatment or neglect, there are several indicators to check for. Even though a few could be a lot easier to notice than the rest, it's essential to know the symptoms of mental and physical abuse, as well as negligence. Just as seniors and those suffering ill heath may be helpless to properly protect themselves, they will likely even be unwilling to tell of the conditions, and might require you to be their ally.

The indicators of physical abuse will likely be some of the most noticeable. The most common kinds consist of dubious discoloration or bruises that may have been attributable to bed restraints when none were ordered by the doctor. Residents being overmedicated can also be a concern, and this indicates itself with drooling, abnormal sleepiness, long stretches of staring and cracking or dehydrated lips.

Psychological abuse may be a little more difficult to pick up on. In the instance that the elderly care resident is reluctant to speak candidly, or creates weak justifications for probable indications of abuse, this could be yet another indicator. Disorientation, uneasiness, sadness and withdrawal could all suggest regular abuse, and fear of punishment if the incidents ended up being reported. Isolation can be one more component, and it's identifiable if the patient is barred from receiving their mail, visitors or telephone calls.

Though abuse and negligence are very severe, the indicators usually vary, and they are more likely to occur if there is a remarkably short workforce at the facility. If perhaps the person has suddenly lost a substantial quantity of body weight in little time, this might indicate they've been affected by lack of fluids or malnutrition. Inadequate cleanliness, unkempt hair and even a dirty bedroom can be a signal the person is not getting the right amount of attention and care. Bed sores are often particularly dangerous for people who already have existing medical problems and need to be handled right away.

Cases of elderly neglect and abuse will always be truly serious, and may end in bad injuries as well as loss of life. If your family member or friend has suffered due to either one, make sure you find a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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