Assisted Living Portland Oregon: Allowing the Senior Citizens to Have a Normal and Relaxing Life

| Thursday, February 17, 2011
By Javier Humbertson

There is a misconception on how to properly take care of elderly. For some of us, as long as the basic needs of the elderly are provided such as food, shelter, rest and medications, this is good enough. However, the elderly may feel depressed staying at home all the time.

Assisted living facilities provide the ideal communities for our senior citizens. They address the medical needs, assistance, emotional support and socialization needs of the elderly. You would find trained and qualified caregivers in assisted living communities. They would as well make sure that medications are administered as needed.

There would come a time that residents of assisted living facilities would not only need assistance in daily tasks such as housekeeping but also in their personal grooming. The staff and caregivers of the facility would as well address this need. In an assisted living facility, the comfort and safety of the elderly are prioritized.

Residents of assisted living communities can very well relate with each other. This is because of the fact that they are going through similar emotions and events in this phase of life. Their thoughts and emotions would be well understood by someone who they know are in the same stage in life as they are. These talks would become as their emotional support for each other which is very healthy and helpful.

There would be activities provided for the residents of assisted living centers. These activities are designed to have them entertained and let them have the chance to interact with fellow residents. Some activities are designed to be a form of physical exercise while some would be to stimulate their brain activity. Art and music play a major part in these activities. Some elderly even learn new skills in these facilities.

Socialization is an integral part in the lives of humans. This is still true with the elderly. They would want to engage in conversations and be able to meet with other people. Assisted living facilities provide this need to socialize to the elderly.

An assisted living facility will provide not just the basic needs of the elderly. The facility promises elderly people a normal life to lead with the care and supervision that they need. The lives of the elderly would be more comfortable and much more fulfilling. Living alone for most elderly is physically demanding as well as hard on their emotions.

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