What's the Right Type of Mattress?

| Sunday, May 29, 2011
By Ronald Sole

Sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress if you suffer from back pain can make matters worse. Taking time to research and choose a new mattress carefully can lead to improved sleep and less pain throughout the day. When choosing a mattress the first thing to remember is that your personal preferences are what matter most; finding a mattress which is comfortable for you based on your weight and height will make a world of difference to your night time comfort. Whether you choose from the range of memory foam mattresses available or any other sort making sure it is right for you is the most important thing.

A good mattress will provide support along the full length of a person's body and maintain proper alignment of the spine throughout the night. Beds with poor quality mattresses can wreak havoc for back sufferers, as they fail to provide support or comfort where it is needed and tension and pressure is exerted on the muscles of the body causing no end of problems. The body does not get the restorative rest it needs as muscles spend the night compensating for the lack of support given by the bed.

Beds with memory foam mattresses provide the required support by maintaining even contact with the body contours through the night. Body heat allows the mattress to mould to the shape of the person and keep them supported all night. As the person moves so the mattress changes shape to match them. Double beds with these mattresses provide separate support for each person in the bed and the tendency to roll into the centre is minimised even when partners are of quite different weight.

Pocket sprung mattresses are made up of springs each housed individually in a pocket which means that each spring works independently, which in turn means the mattress takes your weight along the whole length of your body and just like memory foam mattresses they maintain good posture throughout sleeping hours. Like double memory foam mattresses, pocket sprung mattresses also provide individual comfort to both people sleeping in the bed, especially if one of you is considerably taller or heavier than the other. Beds with pocket sprung mattresses reduce the risk of two people rolling into the middle.

The firmness of a mattress matters less than the support provided by it. People who suffer with a bad back do not necessarily need to find the firmest mattress available. Pocket sprung or memory foam mattresses of medium firmness may be better than other firmer mattresses as they provide more effective support and are more comfortable. A comfortable bed will mean more sleep, less fidgeting and sleep which really restores the body.

It is important to test a mattress before buying. There is no substitute for lying on the mattress in your various sleep positions to see how it feels. If you suffer from back pain finding a mattress that suits you can be life enhancing. Trying out as many beds as you can in a showroom will mean you have considered all avenues.

There are other factors which can improve the quality of beds and the sleep gained in them. Mattress covers which maintain even body temperature can help people get a good night's rest and the greater the number of layers in a mattress covering the more luxurious it will feel. Buying memory foam mattresses or pocket sprung mattresses with these additional features can improve sleep quality.

In conclusion, take some time to consider the options when buying a new mattress, spend as much as you can afford and remember that in every 24 hours we spend an average of eight hours in our beds - such a high proportion of time warrants some serious consideration.

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