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| Sunday, May 22, 2011
By Maricela Palmer

Dementia is not actually a disease but is rather a syndrome, and most of these are related to the patient's decline in their cognitive function, the most obvious being the short and long term memory as well as the inability in understanding new information and reasoning ability. There are many different causes of this condition, and when it progresses many will turn to dementia care San Clemente.

Probably the most common forms may be the start of Alzheimer's. This affects huge numbers of people and suppresses the mind. People that suffer from these illnesses possess a shortage of certain chemicals within their brains that are essential for transmitting messages, and without one the content can't be delivered. It's very progressive and becomes progressively worse as time continues.

Individuals who're stricken in early stages are experiencing a brief memory lapse, and in some cases will struggle to obtain the right words, however, when it starts developing they'll forget words altogether as well as names of individuals and places. This really is something which may be naturally frightening and incredibly frustrating, and many may have mood shifts also.

Vascular dementia is also another common form and is caused by a shortage of blood supply due to damage to the blood vessels in the vascular system. Blood is not able to reach the victims brain and this will start killing off the cells. This can lead to many problems including high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes and heart issues, and sometimes it is brought on by a stroke.

Those that are living with these kinds of conditions need support. The family along with their friends can play an important role as this condition starts advancing. In the later stage, patients are most likely going to need professional help and a lot more intense support emotionally, as they might start showing signs of restlessness, advanced confusion, forgetfulness and aggression.

Another cause although quite rare, would be heavy metal toxicity. Various metals that include common elements like lead, mercury and titanium could reach the blood stream from the food or drinking water supply which may have gotten contaminated.

A final class of dementia is from infection or other minor illnesses including measles. In past decades, those who suffered with syphilis accounted for a large percentage of these cases around the world, however because of advanced antibiotics and other medications, it is now a very rare medical problem.

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