A Quick Look At Assisted Living Facilities In San Jose

| Wednesday, May 18, 2011
By Ashley Hahn

There are many advantages to choosing one of the assisted living facilities in San Jose. This alternate lifestyle offers seniors a way to do away with the stress in their daily lives. For those experiencing even slight difficulty with normal daily tasks, or who worry about their safety or security while alone, or who battle loneliness, this is an excellent option.

The organized arrangement does not mean restriction. Seniors can join others in social activities or sit quietly reading in their own privacy. They can avoid the weight of living alone and still enjoy its pleasures. Household expenses are no longer a concern. Friendly staff members handle everyday needs. Many residents find the most comforting benefit to be the fact that they are not alone.

The atmosphere is secure and safe; residents still have their freedom but life is easier. The sense of sanctuary is comforting. Older people do not have to be afraid that something will happen to them while they are alone. They do not have to be startled by strange sounds during a long lonely night.

As the body ages, sometimes even simple tasks such as dressing or making a bed becomes a struggle. These residential centers provide linens, process the laundry, and thus eliminate one burden. The staff takes care of housekeeping. Residents do not need to plan for meals, shop for the food, cook and clean up the kitchen. Special diets are not a problem so balancing nutrition needs is no longer a concern.

Many seniors who live alone worry greatly that they will forget to take each medication at the proper time. They try to rely on pharmacies to automatically refill prescriptions. And they tire of running around constantly to pick them up. This is all done by qualified employees at the facility.

Each resident has a private dwelling area. This privacy means they can have some of their own furnishings for a home-like atmosphere. Visitors are welcome here. Social activities are many and varied. More important, individuals can now have assistance with their daily needs. Transportation for medical appointments and other needs is provided.

A senior's independence is still maintained at assisted living facilities in San Jose, but the individual is no longer alone. These centers are not as rigid or confining as nursing homes, and they offer around-the-clock assistance and supervision for those who need a little extra help.

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