Taking Care Of Your Hair

| Thursday, May 12, 2011
By Owen Jones

All women and a growing number of men want shiny hair. This is because shiny hair is thought of as belonging to a healthy, vivacious person. The fact is that as we get older, men's hair falls out and women's hair becomes more brittle. So how can you have age-defying hair?

There are a few tricks of the trade, some of which are pretty obvious once you give them a bit of thought. The first and most vital tip is not to over wash your hair. Your head produces oil to protect your hair and it does that because it thinks that hair is vital to help it regulate the temperature of the brain.

OK, these days we can put a hat on or erect a parasol, but it takes the body a long time to mutate. The point is to not wash all the oil off your hair too often. You need to wash the muck off your hair but not all the oil.

Therefore, rub the shampoo into your scalp and not into your hair. As the shampoo runs off your hair it will take the dirt off your hair with it but only some of the oil. This makes a big difference.

The tip above is the most vital piece of advice because it applies to whatever shampoo you buy, but the next tip applies to what shampoo to purchase. Do not skimp on shampoo if you would like lovely-looking hair.

Do you remember the days when you had to wash your hair, rinse it and then apply conditioner and then rinse again? Well those actually were the good old days as far as hair is concerned. These all-in-ones work on the principle that the conditioner will not work in the presence of oil and the shampoo will not activate if there is no oil.

This means that on the first wash, half the shampoo is wasted, but the shampoo has to scour your hair for the second wash (conditioner) to work. On the second wash the conditioner does its job, but the shampoo half goes down the drain having done nothing.

In other words, your inexpensive container of shampoo with conditioner costs twice as much as you paid for it, so why not buy separate shampoo and conditioner in the first place?

The combined shampoo and conditioner is a con because it makes you think that you are saving time and thereby getting something for nothing. You are not.

The best tips you can hear for your hair is to buy a mild shampoo without conditioner. By all means buy one that says that it is better suited to your sort of hair if you want. Then do some research on your hair sort and natural colour on the Net and make your own conditioner or buy one.

People used to use vinegar, beer, dandelions and all kinds of items and one that I have recently come across is Butterfly Pea. Do not get guiled by adverts and time saving if you really like your hair

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