Garden Security Lighting

| Friday, May 6, 2011
By Owen Jones

One of the most basic steps you can take when building your home security system, is the setting up of garden security lighting. Garden security lighting is also one of the most effectual ways of deterring burglars and it is one of the cheapest techniques too. All in all the installation of garden security lighting is the most efficient and cost-effective method of home security

Other outdoor security measures such as security cameras are much more expensive and only serve one purpose, that is the security of your home. On the other hand, garden security lighting can be used to supply a welcoming light to show the path to your front door to your visitors or to light up your backyard if you want to sit outside or admire a particularly beautiful group of flowers. They are also good for lighting a fountain on a pond.

Adding motion sensor lighting controls to your garden security lighting also increases its effectiveness. The passive infra red motion sensors will pick up body heat automatically and switch the light on framing the moving object in a powerful beam. Microwave sensors provide a similar function but work on movement. They extend the length of time the bulb will last and reduce electrical consumption, while making sure you get light when you need it.

However, if you sit behind closed curtains in your home at night, you may not see the warning of the lights coming on. Therefore, some of these garden security lighting units have a built-in bell or buzzer which makes a sound when the light comes on. You can also have them send a signal to your main indoor alarm system control box, which will beep and let you know where the light is that was activated (front, rear or side of the house).

Garden security lighting can also be solar powered. This makes them slightly more expensive to buy but very much cheaper to put in and to run. Some of these lights are permanently fixed to the house's fascia boards while others are just pressed into the ground. This latter sort are ideal for garden parties that go on into the night, as long as you remember to put them back where they belong before going in.

It is a good idea to direct the motion sensors of the lights some four feet above ground level or they will be activated by every cat that comes over your fence in the middle of the night. Likewise, you can turn down the sensitivity of the PIR or microwave sensors so that the sensors do not pick up birds like pigeons.

The lights have daylight sensors on them too so that the motion sensors only activate the light at night. Some of these sensors will still register movement in the daytime and report it back to the main unit if you want that.

So, all in all, there are plenty of different alternatives when you are considering home security, but garden security lighting has to come at the top of your list, if you want an effective, reassuring home security system.

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