5 Things To Remember When You Choose Home Care

| Saturday, May 14, 2011
By Eileen Serapio

When our parents experience difficulty in doing daily activities by themselves like bathing, dressing, or eating, they become a part of our everyday responsibilities. They need our support and care in times like this. However, when we have our own families to take care of and our own careers to manage, taking care of a loved one becomes tricky. We won't be able to handle everything by ourselves because we also get tired. Unless we are experts in time management, we won't be able to attend to all these tasks. Therefore, we need a personal caregiver who can stay take care of our loved ones at home.

However, it is not that easy to hire a caregiver. In most cases, caregivers are strangers to the family or the patient itself. Although there are some close relatives who apply for the job, more often than not, care providers come from agencies or are individual practitioners who don't have any blood relationship with the client. One of the issues that family members deal with at the beginning is how to completely trust the caregiver. Without trust, the patient or family may feel awkward thus making the entire set up uncomfortable for everyone. So what are the things that a family needs to remember when choosing home care?

Establish the kind of assistance needed. To help you decide whom to hire, just first find out the tasks that should be done by the caregiver. This will help screen applicants and identify their rates, skills and areas of expertise.

Background investigation. Since the caregiver will be the patient's companion most of the time, it is of utmost importance to do a background investigation or a mere checking of references. This way, you won't risk the safety of your loved one.

Identify the services that should be provided. Tasks and services expected of the caregiver should be put into paper thereby, avoiding future disagreement.

Monitoring of the caregiver. It's not enough to sit back and relax while another person cares for your senior. Regular monitoring is a must to ensure that all the tasks are done and to know the condition of the caree.

Prepare for unforeseen circumstances. To always be ready in case of emergencies is a must. Provide a list of phone numbers of people who should be advised or a list of To-Do's if there are important tasks that shouldn't be left out.

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