Staying Home To Take Care of the Kids Can Be Stressful

| Wednesday, May 25, 2011
By Triton Meeks

Housewife, -This is such an old-fashioned term I wonder if the younger generation even knows what it means- you may know it as "my mom doesn't work". I love this line because seriously my kids think I don't work.

Cooking, cleaning, and babysitting are not all a person who stays at home does. There are many duties behind the scenes that make for an organized, clean home. Time management, saving money, and as mentioned being organized are great tools for running a home efficiently. These skills come naturally to some, and for others it is a process of learning.

So where does a person that is in charge of a home and kids that live in that home go for support if he/she does not get respect from those living within the home?

These everyday tasks can become tiring and when there is little to recognition stress or depression can set in. Often times when a task is done over and over again with no thoughtfulness shown towards mom- mom will start to resent her jobs and may not notice at first but her daily tasks will take longer because her heart of doing it for those she loved has been replace by frustration.

Enrolling in an exercise program will give the body a boost, the mind will be challenged, and if you attend a class regularly you can make me friends. Many exercise clubs have day care for a minimal fee, or you could trade off with another caretaker.

Staying home to raise children or to take care of an elderly person does not mean your life has to suddenly stop, in fact you do more harm to the person whom you are in charge of if you do not take care of yourself. Often times there are programs, or activities where you can include the children and many places have activities for seniors. The best place to search might be with-in your community or on-line. Social Service Coordinators has advocates waiting to help people such as yourself get connected with public and private services within your community.

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