Florida Aging Care and Budget Issues

| Tuesday, May 3, 2011
By Mitt Billings

So, have you been following the legislative scene? Specifically about what started in Wisconsin. Ouch. It's difficult, don't you think?? Whatever you think about the issue, it's problematic. It feels fragile because the situation could really happen in Florida's capitol .

I'll explain what I mean. Yes, there are more factors involved, such as unions, etc., but at the root it is a money issue. The state is in a huge budget hole, and the voters want them to fix it. There are no more funds in the checkbook to support all these programs. So now they feel they must cut spending.

Yes, that was Madison; but, this is the sunshine state. But are Floridians really secure from these same financial problems? The fact is, we're broke, too. Much like Wisconsin. State is in dangerous When you are spending more than you are making, you must makes some changes in order to. Spending needs to be cut back in lots of areas. Including elder care services. As a state, we spend mega amounts of cash there.

Our state officials are going to have to make nursing home care programs smaller. Political experts and reporters alike have been sounding the alarm of this impending step. The industry will stay afloat, obviously. How? By determining cheaper solutions being being given. The first way is to care for your senior loved one at home.

While the elder care industry is expanding overall, the home health care businesses are growing rapidly. They are starting new franchises all over the southeast. This alternative is usually much less money than nursing home care, and far more flexible, too.

Due to all these issues, expect the the politicians to start directing seniors toward this home care instead of pricier nursing homes. For additional information about assisted living or elderly activities, check out AssistedLivingFL.org.

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