Requirement Before Someone Can Become A Home Health Nurse

| Monday, May 30, 2011
By Marian D. Murrin

To become a home health nurse needs you to first familiarize with what it takes for this great career and the next step is just to make up your mind to go ahead and pursue it. These professionals are needed to take care of the patients who need various forms of treatment and health support away from hospitals.

This include taking care of the disabled, the elderly, terminally ill or recuperating from bad accidents and so forth even new mothers who would continue with their health issues being nursed from home. This kind of work requires competence, emotionally supportive and people who are self motivated in managing this work.

You only need the right qualifications since all nurses must pass through proper training at accredited nursing schools to obtain their degree certificates. Even nurses with LVNs or what is called Licensed Vocational Nurses can also fit in this kind of work, but they end up earning lower salaries and can only managed limited duties.

It is therefore common sense that if you need a higher salary and to work more responsibility then you need a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing so as to succeed as a registered professional. Then there are some certificates for the profession like Geriatric Care, Life Care Planning which every nurse needs to be equipped with for the sake of dealing with the challenges of health care givers.

Apart from the academics, they must also undergo supervised clinical experience that is mandatory for all registered nurses and is followed with enough nursing experience plus handling this specialized field of home care nursing.

Then continuing education is equally important for this profession since one need to remain abreast with the new developments to enhance the patient care practice. It is even more important for those nurses who work in the homes particularly to make sure they keep up with the latest updates to the knowledge needed in nursing.

Now more than before, the home based health nurse is in very high demand and the salary earned is quite good. In fact there is already a shortage of nurses that of about 10 percent which shows openly that more and more nurses are needed in the country.

The salary that is earned by home health nurses averages to about $50,000 and above for there is room for earning even more for those who would pursue more specialized training, get higher certificates or greater experience.

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