What To Look For When Selecting Nursing Homes In Tucson

| Friday, December 14, 2012
By Celia Hall

To date, there are approximately 17 nursing homes in Tucson. Deciding on which home is appropriate for a loved one is very crucial. It requires conducting a detailed research on what options are available. It involves Understanding the services these homes provide and comparing them to come up with the best choice.

How the elderly are assisted in their daily tasks is important in considering a good facility. Most aged people are not able to do basic tasks including eating and dressing. Good facilities ensure that these needs are provided regularly and whenever they are needed.

Living in these facilities should provide the seniors with a social network with their peers. The residence should have people belonging to this same age group so that they can easily interact and share experiences. If possible there should be social events arranged once in a while that will encourage participation among them. This will reduce depression from feelings of isolation from living alone away from their families.

Appropriate housekeeping duties should be done regularly. Considering that the tasks of cleaning is a difficult job to seniors. The residents must employ enough workers to help in the regular cleaning as often as is needed. Good hygiene will be ensured and it will serve to prevent diseases that usually result from uncleanliness.

The facilities should provide adequate food services. Regular meals and light snack between meals are good for most dietary needs. People with medical conditions may have special diets for their conditions should be able to gets the meals of their choice. Good facilities have dietitians employed to ensure balance and healthy meals are provided.

The presence of personalized health care services for the residents is essential. Services such as regular administration of drugs, medical attention if needed and health monitoring should be available at any given time. More so because senior people are at increased risk of getting diseases and may not understand the importance of the drugs they take. The health workers will therefore ensure safety and well being.

The aged people often suffer emotional, sexual and physical abuse. The residences therefore should have a good secure environment that keeps away any potential abusers from getting access. The security must be at all times of day and night to achieve this.

The seniors must be able to get prompt access to any information or service they need. Internet services and other services like making phone calls should not complex to be used. Adequate staff must be present to assist in the usage of such services when needed.

For age people with serious health conditions, there is need of specialized health care nurses. People who are well trained to handle elderly people with chronic diseases like dementia and diabetes. The nurse should be able to understand the behavior and special needs of patients to ensure they are comfortable. They should be able to quickly detect any complications that develop and act accordingly.

It is of great value to carefully analyze these factors. Given that there are several nursing homes in Tucson from which one can choose. The final decision will be an informed one before any action can be taken of sending a special loved one to a chosen home.

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