How To Stop 911 Abuse In The Community

| Tuesday, December 25, 2012
By Brandi Little

Individuals should consider several factors before dialing 911. It is inappropriate to call when there is no emergency. In this case, 911 abuse results from such behavior. Those individuals misusing this number often end up being victims of jail term for misuse of public property. In the eyes of the public and the administration, this is wasting public resources. Vehicles meant to go for emergency rounds deviate from their main course and follow another path which is of no value. In the long run, it becomes hard to deal with emergencies.

Predicaments arising from non emergency calls are the latest sources of mind cracking issues to the personnel. This is a source of stress to the employees in the alarm response agencies. It is always difficult to tell whether a call is genuine or not since reading someones response is difficult. In this case, emergency service providers have amassed enormous losses due to this issue. Matters get worse when we factor in the fact that we are in tough financial times.

For a long period, many researchers have taken matters into their own hands to identify some of the causes of fake alarm responses. In the course of the research, they have come up with solutions some of which are executable while others are not. Studies show that many of these calls are fake cries for help. The trend is the same in most parts of the world.

Emergency service providers are quick at their response. Therefore, one is will get a response when he or she makes the call. In other words, these agents are always available to rescue those in need of their services. Fear and helplessness make clients go for the call. The attendants never disappoint hence they will always go for the rescue.

Quite a number of solutions have emerged and proved to work. Some countries encourage educating the citizens on when and under what conditions to make calls. The states consider this as the best way of controlling this issue. Governments encourage the use of information cards since they provide the required information such as when to make calls.

When an alarm sounds the dispatcher sends the emergency team to the location of the call. The dispatcher works on instincts and hence he will not know whether the alarm is false or not. The dispatchers duty is to send out the required team for service delivery. Clients who set false alarms tend to cause wastage of time and resources. In the long run, real emergencies will not be handled in time.

These emergency responding firms should indulge the police so that they can control the issue with ease. The police officers always know how to deliver their information on the essence of making calls necessarily. Elderly should be taken to adult care institutions in case no one is available to keep them company at homes.

It is difficult to deal with issues arising from 911 abuse. It gets worse when individuals involve the elderly. These persons use the service because they are unsafe and lonely. The service providers should join the country by providing quality education on how to curb this issue.

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