The Right Nursing Homes In Tucson

| Monday, December 31, 2012
By Shawna Trujillo

Finding nursing homes in Tucson is a process that can be hard on the nerves of all involved. It will require looking up many different places. The internet can be a great help with the search. A physician or nurse may have recommendations. The home must be licensed by the state Department of Health Services and it should be displayed prominently.

This is where a person must go when they need care 24 hours a day. They are no longer able to live in their own homes and it can be quite a traumatic change. It is really important to choose the place where they can feel at home. This is especially true when they are unable to come home but leave from a hospital bed to go directly into long term care.

When searching for yourself or a loved one, first make a list of possible choices. Speak to friends and family members about their experiences with different facilities. Write a list of questions to ask as well. Then multiple visits will be necessary. One at different times of day to see the routine, the changes in staff and how various situations are handled.

It is important to find out if the place is able to handle the specific medical issues of you or your loved one. Some places specialize in a certain type of care. They are associated with care for the elderly usually aged 85 or older. There are some just for the mentally and physically disabled and the residents may be much younger.

A home that is certified by Medicare must adhere to some basic requirements to keep their accreditation. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services or CMS offer an online search of homes and rate them for overall performance, medical care, nursing staff and health inspection.

Look first for the place that has 5 stars in all categories. Overall performance will not mean that the place has 5 stars in the other 3 subcategories. It is a must to read each one. If a place does not have top stars in all categories look for the one that is personally considered most important.

An ombudsman will have information on the history of a home and any complaints. The ombudsman has the job of visiting residents to see how their quality of care is going, they address any concerns that are bought up. They then address these concerns with the home. They will know how and if a complaint was taken care of.

The licensing, ratings and quality of care are all important in choosing nursing homes in Tucson. In the end how it feels to the person living there is going to be the deciding factor. If they are unable to choose for themselves then it will be the family. Questions should be answered readily and they should be made to feel welcomed and kept well informed. After all it is more than a building for medical care. A person may very well be spending the rest of their days there.

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