Forty something and Beyond Discover How-To Redefine Retirement

| Thursday, December 13, 2012
By Barbee Strauss

Think you're over 40 with a career that doesn't excite you? Many baby boomers report "feeling like a rat on a wheel in their lives". I'm a baby boomer too and I'm exhausted by hearing all the excuses other baby boomers continue to come up as to why they haven't done anything about "their situation?". You can seize control and that's what this is about.

50 and Counting...

This article is designed for you when you are over fifty and you're looking to get even a little more excitement and enjoyment out of life. After fifty, most boomers have to face different types of situations that end up making life a little more challenging than it used to be. What are you looking for? Is it an alternative place to go on vacation? Are you interested in ways to stay fit? Maybe you're seeking to meet new friends you can find different ways to find value in making the best of your leisure time. All in all, you should see new places, make new friends and enjoy being past fifty!

Many baby boomers approaching the other side of fifty see it as an adventure as opposed to a handicap. They're actually comfortable being "silver" and are actively intending to enjoy this period of their life. As baby boomers, we're far from ready for the old rocking chair. We're still very active, adventurous, and independent too. It's a fact that middle-agers are the largest group of new searchers. We're also the largest group of new "entrepreneurs". Last time I did some study into the topic I discovered that boomers are some of the most successful new entrepreneurs and intepreneurs because of their adequate financial resources, experience and skill to focus and take action

Exploit New Found Freedom There are already done so, you should consider taking advantage of your new freedom to start your own business doing something you enjoy. If you want to put off retirement until seventy, while many others want to purchase their perfect home and play tennis or golf a day. Regardless of the choice, a lot of baby boomers plan to keep pretty active after fifty for quite some time, doing what makes them happy. It is precisely what you should shoot for too.

When investing in to the fifty-age mark, it is just a naturally good time to reinvent your social interaction. Statistics show that a fairly high proportion of baby boomers are divorced, widowed or just what's known as "empty nesters" with one mission: to enjoy life in ways that weren't possible before. Now that the chance exists and you have the chance, you need to take advantage of the opportunity to do things your way for once. A fairly large number of people search for new buddies, romance and friends. With the coming of social networking sites it's very easy link up with baby boomers your age with that you share common interests. Senior Friend Finder is one of websites like these.

The Secret to Completely Enjoying Life after Fifty

It's a well known fact that enjoying life and keeping fit are the true secrets to eliminating or reducing stress.

Many seniors face the widespread problem of achieving these goals due to not having the cash you need to enjoy life and be happy. If that is your situation, you're not alone and I know how painful it's after retirement if you can't realize the dream you've worked your entire life to enjoy.

We have a solution available for this matter developed by a baby boomer, someone with real-life experience and data. It's a guide for baby boomers on how-to achieve financial independence online. The solution was created through a great deal of trial and error and very hard work. You are able to take advantage of this knowledge which is appreciated how desperate this stress will make any person.

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