Importance Of Giving Toilet Assistance

| Sunday, December 16, 2012
By Clinton Geiser

At one time in life you must have come or fallen in a situation where you had to help your younger brother or sister, or even your grandmother to use the toilet. When you do this it is referred to as toilet assistance. You must have gloves on to protect any chance of infection from germs.

When helping the elderly to use the lavatory you should know that this is a very unpleasant and a contemporary method. If it is a bed ridden person you can use a dust pan to help her to relieve herself. The bed pans should normally be removed immediately after use.

The bed pans can be used for both defecation and urination. They are to be put underneath the body of the person being aided. After the elderly person has used the bed pan, you should wipe the bottom. This process of wiping the bottom is another not pleasing process. You should wear gloves in the whole process. This is to protect your hands from germs.

To wipe the butt of this person you should use a bottom wiper. Thanks to the technological knowhow that led to the invention of this wipe. It is only used for personal needs. It has a real light weight. It has been made from a stainless steel metal that can be washed. It will leave your but very clean.

As for these male adults, they have not been excluded. They have been considered and they now have their own bed pan that is specially meant for this gender. The only thing you need to do is to properly position it so that it is used properly.

As for the aged male they have a specially made bed pan just meant for them. It can contain all the area of excretion and the wastes will be deposited in an easy manner. Some even go as far as using a catheter tubes. They will help in draining the urine right from the bladder. If you cannot afford to use the butt wiper you can use the cheap wipes which are always dump and can clean the area very well.

Butt wiper are very easy to use and can be used even by the aged people who have some energy. You have to know if you are handling an aged person that they cannot hold for long. When offering toilet assistance you need to be very keen and always around to help them when they need you. Insist that they should call you and do not allow them to do it on their own because they can mess the area. Keep the pans very clean and make them ready to be used for the next call.

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