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| Saturday, December 15, 2012
By Celia Hall

People normally think about nursing homes when they hear the words assisted living Clarion Iowa facility. However, the only common thing they share is that they both take care of elderly people. The first thing to know regarding this facility is that it is different in a number of ways from a nursing home. The services provided by nursing homes are given to elderly people that are in need of constant care as well as those that suffer mental and physical disabilities.

The elderly people that reside in assisted living communities are somewhat independent. They only need help with tasks like cooking meals, taking medications and getting dressed. A home like setting is provided and the residents are encouraged to continue being active and social. Someone is always present monitoring the residents and ready to give any emergency assistance they may need.

Residents can use call buttons installed inside their living area to call for help when they need it. Since they fall under non-skilled care meaning they provide help with daily living activities they are not covered by Medicare. This is custodial care according to Medicare. Private pay insurance or long term care insurance is accepted and the facilities can also assist with financial solutions.

The personalized assisted living facilities offer housing as well as supportive services to the residents and much more. Supportive services refer to services such as dressing, bathing, medication administration among others. You could find a community that is near you which has the capacity to make a difference in the residents lives. These services and housing are given to elderly people who can no longer live alone without assistance.

Individualized care is provided on a need basis by a nurse who is always on call throughout the day. Comfortable apartments, nutritious meals and transport are provided to the elderly residents including a variety of planned activities. These communities help provide these senior citizens with traditional care at the same time maintaining their independence and dignity. The challenge of care is alleviated from the families of the residents by these communities which commit to enhancing the quality of life these elders lead.

Reputable facilities offer such levels of basic services and they are distinguished from one another by they way they deliver and present their services. Beyond the basics it is the responsibility of the prospective resident to find the community that he or she would be happy to call home. These communities come in various building styles and sizes which range from converted homes to apartment buildings.

They could either be free standing or as part of a campus that offers skilled nursing as well as independent living. Residents are either accommodated in single rooms or in full apartments that belong to profitable as well as non-profitable organizations. A couple of things have to be considered when looking for a suitable facility. The first thing to consider is the staff and the residents by checking if the residents look happy, well groomed and comfortable.

You should also consider the physical features by checking whether the location and the appearance are pleasing, the facility is heated and cooled appropriately, clean and odorless. Contracts and finances, recreational and social activities, healthcare and medication, food service, features of individual units and available services should also be considered regarding the assisted living Clarion Iowa facility.

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