Finding The Best Assisted Living Palatka FL Offers

| Saturday, December 1, 2012
By Lenore Bolton

As people age, they almost always prefer to stay in their own residence, even if they suffer with certain health problems. However, it is an unfortunate fact that in some circumstances a senior citizen reaches a point where it is no longer safe or practical to live independently. Individuals who find themselves faced with this problem frequently pursue the most suitable assisted living Palatka FL is capable of offering.

An assisted living home, also called a personal care home, is not the same type of establishment as a skilled nursing facility. Rather, such homes are institutions where multiple individuals reside who require assistance with the essential activities of daily life. The kind of care they receive is similar to that which is provided by home health workers.

In certain personal care institutions, there is a nurse on staff to help those who live there with their medications. However, a person must have substantial mobility, as well as the cognitive ability to receive direction from the aids who work in the home in order to meet the guidelines for admittance. If someone who lives in such an establishment gets to the point where around-the-clock medical care is necessary, he or she may need to be moved to a skilled nursing facility.

Whether or not a person is a good candidate for a personal care facility primarily depends on how well the individual can manage alone. As previously mentioned, if one is not able to adequately take care of himself or herself between home health care visits, assisted living is most likely the best alternative. However, those who can suitably care for themselves in between the aforementioned visits will probably find that it is safe to remain in their homes.

One must understand, however, that even if a person is physically healthy, his or her cognitive abilities must also be considered. For instance, if the person frequently becomes confused and fails to take his or her medication or forgets to shut off an appliance that could potentially be dangerous, it is not wise for that person to live independently. Rather, the safest and healthiest environment for such an individual is an assisted living home.

When a person is initially admitted to a personal care facility, he or she will be evaluated and interviewed by the coordinator of the home. In most cases, this person has a background in geriatric nursing or has worked in the social services field. The establishment's coordinator will explain to the newcomer what daily life is like in the home and answer all of the new resident's questions and concerns.

It is important to refrain from selecting a personal care home in a hasty manner. Although the majority of such establishments are legitimate facilities, there are certain institutions that have more regard for money than for those who live in the home. Unfortunately, it is often challenging to differentiate one from the other by simply walking through the facility.

To ensure that one chooses the best assisted living Palatka FL offers, it is wise to consult various state organizations that complete yearly compliance checks in such facilities. Such organizations can provide valuable information about establishments that were deficient when evaluated. These facts can also be obtained through elder care services or the state ombudsman's office. Ultimately, those who are unable to manage alone will have happier, healthier lives in a personal care home.

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