Delaware Home Health Care Maintains A High Standard On A Regular Basis

| Monday, December 3, 2012
By Allan Hatchell

Delaware home health care has the mission to enhance the quality of home health care by regular regulation of the organizations in Delaware. Adult day care facilities represent one of the departments where the regulations must be applied. The social and health support services are provided to at least four adults living in the same facility. They all have limited abilities to function independently and require these services for less than twelve hours each day. They receive assistance in personal hygiene as well as transportation services.

Birthing centers also receive monitoring to ensure the agreed upon standard according to regulations. The services are given by a certified midwife or licensed doctor and nurse. The patient is allowed to stay at the facility up to twenty-four hours after the delivery of their baby.

High risk pregnancies will require a facility offering more medical personnel as well as the necessary equipment to accommodate the needs of the patient. The health of the mother and child must be a high priority. It is important to maintain the facility at the designated standard to reduce jeopardizing the life of the mother and child.

Hospice services represent another area of regulatory concern where the terminally ill patient is provided with round the clock service to meet their spiritual and physical requirements. Typically their families will also need to receive this special attention. These services are provided in both an inpatient and outpatient situation.

Free standing emergency centers are also areas requiring vigilant regulation. These are facilities that are not physically connected to a hospital. They provide urgent medical attention to the public where patients are suffering from a life threatening medical emergency. The facility must be inspected annually to make sure it is compliant with regulations that include infection control and required fire safety equipment.

Personal Assistance Service Agencies are also required to be monitored. They exist to offer personal attention to consumers at their homes. Consumers unable to feed themselves or to take care of their personal hygiene will need outside help. The assistant is hired to provide these necessary services on an ongoing basis.

Delaware home health care regulates the standard of services provided for patients of all ages. These important services must be regulated on an ongoing basis so that the client is assured a high quality of service. The client in need has the right to these services and should they have any grievances regarding poor standards, they have the right to register their complaints.

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