The Cruel Reality Of Aged Care

| Thursday, March 24, 2011
By Byron Jonas

There are many of you who have elderly relatives that need the extra aged care that many elderly people demand. However, you will find that when it comes to getting them the best care, you really have to be careful. There are some harsh things happening out there. What are some of those things? Here is the harsh reality.

How about the people who lay in bed, shouting for someone to come help them. There are like five or six nurses standing around, yet none of them come to the rescue. That's a good example of how we are letting those before us down. There are many more examples than just this.

Many see patients who are left here like it's a drop off center. The family comes, drops them off, then they leave. How much care is shown here? They don't come back to see how the family member is doing. The family member doesn't know the latest news like the new grandbaby that's born.

There are many elderly people who can't help what they do. They are yelled at. They are told to stop the thing that they can't control. This tears at their emotional state. Now, that's mistreatment when you look at the care of those who can't any longer care for themselves.

Another thing we see are the doctors that are caring for these elderly patients aren't doing all that they should. They don't give them the medications they need. They tell them Medicare doesn't cover that. There are many other instances where doctors fall short of providing the aged care that they so need.

Last, but not least as there are still more things that are wrong is the fact that in many instances, they can't have anything that would remind them of home. They don't want to bring things as many employees steal from them. They take valuable items and so forth.

Dignity is something that any person this age wishes to keep. However, many who enter these homes are not left with this. It is taken away from them. Many die in nursing homes due to the mistreatment and the lack of care that is given to them. If they don't die, they become severely depressed. Some stop eating and more. You can do your part that if you know someone who might need a home or is in the home, you can check on them to ensure that they are being cared for. There are many sides to this sort of care.

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