The Best Hair Salons in Scottsdale Az

| Friday, March 11, 2011
By Danica Thomas

When it comes to prime a prime salon Scottsdale has the the high end covered. With a vast number of locations in the downtown section, you can easily find something suitable. Some of the best hairdressers and techs can be found here.

They have everything from a day spa with massages to health and wellness services. The blend of services vary considerably. From fad treatments, to your typical nails, massages or hair work.

One of the popular areas is just off 3rd Avenue in the downtown shopping district. It is quite upscale, and draws some of the best in the area. For years this has been the area to be. Also, the various resorts offers some great packages as well.

One of the nice things with these upper crust locations is the better customer service. They will offer a variety of perks from champagne to even a cafe in some locations. So not only can you get fixed up, but you can get your fix too.

You can find a variety of services, not just your standard hair and nails, but skin care, aesthetics, tanning, makeovers and massages. Rates will vary considerably. If you are looking for all natural to the latest cutting edge fad, you can find it here. Just make sure the shop appeals to your needs.

Salons are not just for women. You will find many men visiting these places now. Many will offer some of the same services as do women. From tanning, nails, massages and skin care, you will see more men take care of their bodies a bit more now. Investing in themselves, can boost confidence.

Don't be alarmed, you may run across a celebrity or two. Yes, even the Hollywood types come here to escape the scrutiny. They wont bit, much, and might even sign an autograph.

A few of the salons are on TV. You may see them do makeovers or other special events. Contributing to the community is important to them, like with Locks of Love and other endeavors. If you are interested, contact a few of the salons and they will happily give you information on how to participate.

As you can see it is no wonder why the draw to a salon Scottsdale creates. With locations, style, and cutting edge treatments, you can find something that is appealing to you. Search out a bit, or look up packages, you can find an awesome deal, and feel good at the same time.

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