The 3 Mistakes People Make When Meditating

| Sunday, March 6, 2011
By Liana Badea

Knowing just what you should do and knowing how to get it done is very important. Also, you ought to learn how to do it correctly. However, that's just part of the picture; it is necessary, but it is not sufficient. You also have to find out what NOT to do, what mistakes to circumvent. The easiest method to achieve that is to discover what mistakes others are making so that you can steer clear of making those very same mistakes.

This principle also applies for various meditation techniques. A great many succeed there, however, many others make mistakes and fail. Offered below are the 3 most common mistakes that folks make with meditation.

Number one. People don't concentrate properly. This is important because concentrating is the most important step in meditation. Start being aware of the way you breathe. Listen to your breathing. When you have stress, you have the tendency to breathe fast and superficial. This is not good for your health, or for your inner pace. Breathe in deeply. By concentrating on your breathing you are telling your body, mind and spirit, that you are ready to go into a different state of mind, a different space, a different world. This way you are leaving behind all your problems.

Second, people don't connect with nature. Connecting with natural world will help you find your own path, literally or metaphoric speaking. What you ought to do then is concentrate on your surroundings.

Finally, people don't connect with their inner self. The way to stay away from this mistake is to concentrate on your own body. Start by analyzing how tensioned you are. The main parts of your body where stress is accumulated are the neck, shoulders, stomach, back and legs. Try to relax the tensioned zones and visualize the energy that goes out of your body, straight to earth, where is transformed in another form of energy.

You will need to very carefully stay away from these mistakes if you want to succeed with your meditation technique. Instead, follow the suggestions earlier mentioned for doing it properly. You will then be able to obtain much better results.

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