A Bathtub Safety Rail Will Prevent an Accident

| Monday, March 7, 2011
By Janet Gaye Walker

We hear this age old wisdom quoted very often in homes, especially when there are elderly parents around. "It is better to be safe than sorry." This is proving to be very true especially in homes, where there are children and elderly folks, residing under one roof. A bathtub safety rail is an excellent idea in such a situation. This safety product enables young and old alike, to step in and out of the bathtub, without mishap.

Manufacturers have flooded the market, with different types of bath safety products, in many finishes and styles. Amazon.com, along with other retailers, has listed the products for everyone to make note and choose the one that ideally suits their purpose. Wall mounted options are available and these come with the necessary accessories and instructions. When choosing a wall mounted bathtub safety rail, it is necessary to check the weight capacity, especially if any member is slightly overweight. Long sleek handles are fixed vertically, diagonally or horizontally, to help get in and out of the tub easily.

Children, do not have to fear the embarrassment of slipping and adults can get into the tub, with assurance. Handles with textured grips are available so that there is a good grip on the handle. Suction caps are used to mount these rails on the sides of the tub and these include different styles and finishes.

Bathtub rails ideally, should have a convenient grip, so the texture of the handle is an important consideration. Wall mounted rails are available, with instructions, which can be followed by the user. Some providers sent their handymen to install these products. Alternatively easy to use suction caps are provided on bathtub rails, so that they can be used on slippery surfaces and moved, when necessary.

Depending on the decor of the bathroom, the bathtub safety rail could be chosen in metal, steel or chrome, to highlight the overall appearance. It is necessary to ensure that the rails are fitted securely. There is comfort in knowing that safety products are installed, especially for the older adults, who prefer to maintain their dignity by not asking for help when using the facilities. In cases like these you should get a toilet safety rail as well.

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