Top Tips For Buying Crutches

| Sunday, December 25, 2011
By John Ashley

If you are in the process of buying crutches it should be easy, but there are a lot of things to consider. There is more than one type of material that you can purchase. You can buy wood or metal, but the preference is up to you. How will you pay for it? Is the cost covered by your insurance provider or will you be required to foot the bill? If you are injured how will you get it? Can it be delivered or will a friend or family member pick it up for you?

For those with limited funds your insurance may cover all of the cost. Others without insurance or one that pay for only a portion should try to find that best deal from all sources to keep your out of pocket expenses down. You need to find out what places offer items in your location and the times that they are open and how long it will take before your items are ready.

Metal material may be a better fit if you want to make sure that the item is waterproof. Wood can easily break or chip. The best thing is to get the recommended size for your body height and weight to ensure that it can support you when you use it.

If you are tall the same crutch may not be acceptable for someone that is much shorter. Although they are not custom made you should be able to get something that fits your body. If not then you will find it more difficult to get around and even painful. No matter how much it is used it should last for the duration of your injury. Getting a manufacturer's warranty can provide you with a replacement should it break or wear out.

Your injury can limit your mobility. You will need to be able to get to the store that sells your crutch. If you are able to drive yourself then try to limit the amount of weight applied to the injured area. It is best to have someone else take you so that you do not create additional stress to the area that is injured.

Many companies understand that people are injured and are unable to get to their location. They have online websites to make it convenient to place an order for the items that they need. They will also deliver the goods to your address to make it easier for you. They may charge extra for this service. You need to inquire beforehand.

Buying crutches can be expensive if you buy the best quality and do not have medical coverage. Try to find the cheapest cost no matter how is it being paid for. Your doctor should provide you with a written prescription or call it in to the medical supply store.

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