Choosing the Right Bed Rail for the Ones You Love

| Saturday, December 31, 2011
By Agnes Baker

A lot of elderly people and their families or caregivers often ask.... For Senior safety, how do I pick the right bed rail?

This article will outline the main questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a bed rail.

Question #1: Are you falling out of bed? or are you wanting to prevent elderly falls? If you are falling out of bed, you may want to consider a full size bed rail opposed to a half bed rail. A full bed rail will allow you to have more fall protection and can prevent you from falling out of bed. If you want a half rail that expands to a full bed rail, you may want to consider an adjustable bed rail like the EZ Adjust Bed Rail.

Question #2: Do you need protection from falling or just assistance getting out of bed? If you need fall protection, you should consider either a full bed rail (recommended) or a half bed rail. If you just need assistance out of bed, you may want to consider a bed handle like the Bed Cane.

Question #3: What functionality do you want? Bed rails have really progressed over the years. Now bed rails are coming with...

⁃ Organizer pouches to keep handy items close by

⁃ Folding functionality which allows you to fold down your bed rail after use

⁃ Adjustable functionality: the ability to adjust from a half size to full size

⁃ Extra Support Legs - Allowing you to have an extra handle to transfer to a walker or wheelchair (ex. Mobility Bed Rail)

Pick the bed rail that you feel with fit most with your lifestyle and budget. If you don't want the extra functionality, you may want to consider something less expensive.

Question #4: Do you travel? If you do travel, you may want to consider a bed rail that is compact, easy to travel with, and easy to set up. An example would be something like the Econorail.

Question #5: Warranty? Elderly bed rails come with anything from 30 day money-back money guarantee to a lifetime guarantee. Obviously, we would recommend that you try to find a bed rail with lifetime warranty. (No explanation needed)

We hope this post gave you a better idea on what you might want to consider if your planning on purchasing a bed rail. If you keep these questions in mind when purchasing a bed rail, you may avoid the guilt and shame of "buyers remorse".

Have a great day and...Live the longer life you love.

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