How To Get Household Staff From Maid Agencies In Singapore

| Friday, December 30, 2011
By May Anne Sweep

We have 24 hours a day to do our routines, but many of us certainly want to have more, especially those who have to juggle work, kids, partner, personal life, and of course, household chores. The last one, good enough, can easily be addressed. If you are too stress that you no longer have the energy for household chores, there are numerous maid agencies in Singapore more than willing to provide help.

Maids hold the necessary skill to perform general domestic chores, and some of them have special trainings in areas like taking care of infants and toddlers, looking after the disabled and the elderly, and cooking an array of geographic cuisines.

The commendable thing about these agencies is that they follow a thorough recruitment process. Agencies not only provide household work training but they also educate candidates about the country's culture, family practices, etiquette, and other important matters that will prepare them for the job. Candidates are also sent to undergo a comprehensive medical exam, particularly psychological and IQ tests.

There is an unending competition among maid agencies which, in turn, benefits the client. Today, the recruitment process has become more interactive. It is now possible for prospective employers to personally pick resumes and conduct interviews. Some agencies even facilitate video-conferencing between employer and employee since domestic helpers primarily come from Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, Myanmar, and Indonesia.

Since you are considering employing a maid from a foreign country, you must be aware that you have to pay for the transport expenses of the chosen helper, including the airline fare for their annual leave. Also, you need to shell out money for their work permit, personal insurance, and other government-mandated requirements. All these may sound complicated, but maid agencies in Singapore promise to make everything simple and hassle-free by carrying out all of the responsibilities through the special packages they offer. This of course comes with a price.

Note that like any other businesses, maid agencies in Singapore differ in giving rates, so it's necessary to compare prices and gather different options. You should also try offers they boast like free replacement during trial period and hassle-free contract renewal.

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