Smart Trave Tip: Don't Drive To The Airport, Arrive In A Limousine

| Wednesday, December 28, 2011
By Alexis Cox

In knowing consumer mind set, most marketing experts use Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs to gratify the basic, safety, social, self esteem as well as self fulfillment needs of their marketplace. In terms of the airport transport service, the limousine is that one car that caters to all five needs. Here's how.

First, it is sensible to hire a limousine when going to the airport whether by yourself or if you travel with a group. The limousine is roomy enough for your travel luggage. Also you don't need to worry about bringing your own vehicle and finding a place to park it in the airport. Getting the service of a chauffeur to transport for you as well as to get you right at your departure gate will cut the preboarding time you require by half.

Next, limousine provides security. If you are travelling and transporting important papers or valuables, then a limousine can offer protection and security as you have your own private compartment. The chauffeur will be very required to grant your privacy as you desire.

Third, limousine is suggested for travelling with elderly. This is to ensure that the elderly is secure and has adequate room for medical apparatus which he or she cannot do without especially during a trip.

Fourth, you could do an express booking of a limousine by means of the internet. This is empowering because you can even see a selection of the cars for that one vehicle of your choice.

Finally, get into a car that gets you the comfort and safety, especially if you are a person with disability. It isn't simply about the room, but most of all, it is about considerate and caring chauffeur who will attend to your exact need, you will take it leisurely for you or according to your pace.

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