Stairlift Mobility Products True Resale Value

| Thursday, December 15, 2011
By Jean Baker

From a financial viewpoint Stairlifts aren't an equitable investment when you come to re-sell them. Stairlifts depreciate in price from the instant they're installed.

On the other hand the investment is repaid daily by the ease of accessing your steps in a safe controlled manner and with little effort and grunt work on your side.

Why do Stairlifts depreciate in vale! The manufacturers and providers know where their bread is buttered so to speak! Supplying new Stairlifts produces higher margins and their ROI is vastly greater than if supplying reconditioned items. They also make cash from Stairlift Repairs and service contracts

Most stairlift corporations don't provide a buy back policy for reasons stated above. This doesn't imply you will not be well placed to resell your stairlift when it is no longer required.

There are countless thousands of smaller stairlift corporations who don't produce their own products who will be very pleased to purchase your undesired stairlift even though at a fraction of the retail price you paid for it.

The rewards of owning a stairlift outweigh the return of investment. The price factor or the second-hand value shouldn't deter you from owning such a wonderful equipment that may change your life and give you full independence and very importantly safety while ascending descending the stairs.

If your financial standing does not warrant purchasing a stairlift then Renting Getting a stairlift could be a acceptable alternative and reduce the financial burden considerably. The other advantage of leasing is you do not need to get rid of the unwanted stairlift when it is no longer needed.

Simply contact the rental supplier and they will smartly arrange for the Stairlift and fixings to be removed. No fuss or headaches with resales of an unneeded Stairlift/Chairlift.

Grants are available through local councils and social service departments dependent on your financial standing. Seek advice from your health-care worker or occupational consultant.

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