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| Saturday, December 31, 2011
By Laura Bonson

For loved ones that can no longer perform the everyday tasks of life, companion care is a simple solution that could address their needs. Reputable companies are now offering services that provide companions to help meet the non-medical requirements of the geriatric community and the disabled. There are several different services offered by these companies.

If you are looking for confidence that your loved one is eating well and has the necessities on hand to manage their household, it may help to hire a companion to do the cooking and shopping. The elderly and disabled often like to maintain a sense of independence, but will usually accept a service that offers some assistance with these tasks.

Maybe your loved one can no longer drive, but can still meet all their needs at home. Errands such as bill paying and picking up medications can be performed by a companion. Not only will the errand be completed for your loved one, but they will also have the added benefit of interacting with another human being.

Services such as cleaning and laundry are also provided by companions. You could hire a maid that will take care of this for you, but companion care differs in that the aides are also trained to interact with your loved one while these tasks are being completed. It isn't just about getting the job done. It also involves ensuring that your loved one feels comfortable and valued.

It's possible that as your loved one has aged, they've found it more difficult to take care of their own personal hygiene needs. For example, bathing may now require assistance. This is most likely a difficult transition for a loved one, but with the help of a caring and compassionate aid your loved one can receive assistance with these tasks and keep their dignity as well.

Perhaps your loved one recently lost their spouse. Most of us today are busier than ever and we have our own lives to manage. It may just be a need for company that is required by your loved one. Companion care offers services that simply include companionship and spending time with your loved one when you can't be there.

If you feel any of these services can help benefit a loved one in your family, check out the providers in your area. Most providers will offer an initial interview to discuss the specifics of what is required. They will go through a list of questions to ascertain the specific needs and what services would be best for your loved one.

Have a frank discussion with your loved one about your concerns and provide them with the benefits they can receive from companion care. Whether it's a need for full-time, or just someone to come on a regular basis, companion care is a great option for meeting the needs of your loved one. It will most likely be one of the best gifts you could ever give them.

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