Yet Again Stander Sets the Bar With Another Innovative Bed Rail

| Tuesday, September 27, 2011
By Jan Miller

Stander, Inc., manufacturer of high quality home safety mobility products for seniors, has released the newest addition to their line of innovative bed rails. The Mobility Bed Rail offers users a simple-to-use pivoting bed rail, helping with the often-difficult task of getting in and out of bed. Features include: 1) Swing Out Mobility Arm for improved walking stability and Extended legs, providing an easier transition from sitting to standing 2) Anti-Slip Grips serve to secure the rail in between the mattress and bed frame 3) Pocket organizers (4) for books and magazines 4) Height Adjustment for the tall and short 5) Easy installation making setup time only a few seconds

The Mobility Bed Rail affords independence to those who may otherwise require assistance getting in and out of bed. Using the rail requires little upper body strength and can actually build muscle tone through use. The convenience of the pivoting arm gives additional support as the user approaches and leaves the bed lending even more independence to their clients.

This year there has been much discussion about the possible danger to customers with the use of inferior-quality bed rails. In fact, low standards of production have even lead to fatalities. However, with Stander you know you're getting a product that you can trust!

Brandon Birch of Stander said, "We take pride in manufacturing the best and most innovative mobility products for seniors." The Mobility Bed Rail meets and exceeds those standards by providing users with a durable product meant to improve daily functions as well as fit in with the aesthetics of the room.

The Mobility Bed Rail joins nine other bedside assistance products making up the award-winning Stander "Bedrailopoly" offering distributors a wide range of unique bed rail products in any price range.

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