An Exploration Of Dementia Care San Clemente

| Thursday, September 1, 2011
By Lolita Jacobs

There are several severe medical conditions which can affect the brain. One of these mental difficulties is known as dementia. It is associated with a rapid decline in the individual's thinking, language, judgement, understanding, and memory abilities. Often an individual will be required to assist the patient in their daily life - this is seen in dementia care San Clemente

There are various types of this condition. The most common and well-known is Alzheimer's disease. This is where small clumps of protein develop growth brain cells disrupting normal brain activity. Brain circulation can cease when there is a restriction of blood supply and oxygen as seen in vascular dementia. Frontotemporal dementia occurs when the frontal and temporal lobes start to shrink due to damage - this is a rare form and only occurs in individuals over 65. The fourth type is involves Lewy bodies. This occurs when abnormal structures develop in the brain.

Each different form has different causes and risk factors. The restriction of oxygen to the brain can be caused by an unhealthy diet, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, lack of exercise, and obesity. Frontotemporal is a hereditary condition, caused the inheritance of a genetic mutation of the tau protein - a protein within brain cells. The tau protein assists in maintaining stability in brain cells, and damage can occur should they stop functioning.

Various other causes can also include the following: dehydration, infections within the brain, brain tumors of any sort, not enough vitamin B, or repeated damage to the head. Furthermore, the disorder can be caused by other mental health conditions such as epilepsy or Huntington's disease.

Signs can include a decreased attention span and periods of confusion. The individual may show a change some memory loss and will experience movement difficulties. There may be a change in personality and possible sleeping difficulties accompanied with hallucinations. Those with frontotemporal have been seen to display aggressive and compulsive behaviour.

This condition is incurable, progressive disease which continuously damages an individual's daily lifestyle. In order to cope with this detrimental condition it is necessary for one to enter the dementia care available.

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