Finding Elderly Care At Home

| Monday, September 19, 2011
By Know Hatten

In America, the baby boomers are getting older. There is a great need for responsible care for the elderly population. Many people are searching for elderly care at home to alleviate the stress of placing a person in an assisted living facility.

Family members struggle with the decision of how to help aging relatives. Many times the family work during the day and find it difficult to attend to an aging parent. There are ways that a parent can safely remain in their residence by getting care in the home. This attention comes in many forms. Personal care assistance, homemaker or even skilled nursing care are just a few options available to the family.

Planning is the key to having a successful service available to the patient. A family needs to start searching for what type of service that could benefit the patient. For instance, personal care assistance is a much needed service that helps the person with their daily needs. This service can encompass quite a bit such as bathing, dressing and even toileting. It is hands on with the patient.

Homemaker is a different type of assistance. It is not hands on with the person. It includes services such as light cleaning tasks, meal preparation, errand running and even taking a person to their appointments.

Finally some people require more nursing services for health related issues such as high blood pressure or even diabetes. The skilled nursing service is provided hands on by licensed professionals. These nurses can be LPNs or even RNs if the situation warrants that type of skilled nursing. Most of these services can be covered by insurance if medically necessary.

Looking for care is not difficult. Using a local phone book or even a search engine online can assist the family. Once the providers are located, calls will result in a meeting with the intake coordinator at the home. The representative will ask questions about the situation and get the whole picture of what is happening in the patients life. They will be able to suggest services that will fit the persons situation. They will explain all services and rates for such services.

A family does not need to panic when a person becomes elderly. There are many different options available to that person besides placing them in a nursing home. At home attention is on the rise and becoming informed as to the different services is a great starting point to locating assistance for the individual.

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