Time For A Change By Going To Retirement Villages San Clemente

| Friday, September 2, 2011
By Lolita Jacobs

The grass just keeps on growing as you get the lawn mower out for the eighth time this year and you start it up as you thoughts go back to the time you showed your son how to do this, but that was many yeas ago. He has since left to start a family of his own and now your retirement is spent watching the grass grow. You look over and see your bride of forty years ago waving at you to come see the pictures she has found of retirement villages San Clemente.

You walk curious about what she has found. There on the screen are pictures of a different way of life that you have not given much thought about. She clicks on one page after another.

There are people lazily sitting on lounge chairs sipping drinks and watching small children splashing around in the water and having fun. Your grandchildren comes to mind and wonder if they would like to swim if you had a place where they could.

Your wife clicks over to the lodge area where a fire place roaring and people are sitting playing cards and laughing. For a moment you think about how lonely you have been getting since you retired and stopped visiting with people throughout the day.

Then a fairway appears where a golfer has hit his ball towards a flag a hundred yards away. You remember how you used to talk about playing golf everyday before you retired, but somehow that just has not happened.

Something comes alive in you and you realize it might be time to start a new life. You and your wife agree that now maybe the time to check into retirement villages San Clemente.

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