The facilities offered by care homes

| Monday, September 5, 2011
By Elliot Roberts

While looking at the different care homes that are available, you begin to realise that there are a range of different places to consider and that they can provide varying levels and types of care.

For example, there is a type of care home that does not provide nursing care. In these residential care homes, residents can choose to stay on a long or short term basis. While they are staying in one of these care homes, they will be provided with the accommodation as well as any help they need. The staff here help with issues such as personal hygiene, including washing and shaving and they also help residents to prepare and eat food.

As well as this physical help, some residents might also require support psychologically and this can be found too at these care homes as well as help with simple things such as getting dressed and getting out of bed in the morning.

The other sort of care home to consider is the type that has nursing care available. These sorts of care homes will offer the same care and help as the other care homes, but they will also offer nurses and care assistants too; who are available to offer assistance 24 hours a day. If someone has health problems that require regular medical attention, then it could be that these sorts of care homes are more suited to them.

As well as providing nurses and medical care, these care homes will often also provide therapy; whether physical therapy, speech or pain therapy is needed.

Before you choose between these sorts of care homes, you should always consider the needs of the person who will be moving there. If they need regular medical care, then a care home with nursing care might be the best idea.

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