What's elderly abuse and what can someone do about it?

| Monday, September 19, 2011
By Stefven Clairol

A solicitor will need to cope with a profusion of different claims but one of the most difficult cases that a seasoned lawyer will deal with is elderly abuse. It is a fact that people are generally healthier and as a result, they're living much longer. This means that there are far more elderly folks now than there were twenty years ago. Actually the 2010 census showed clearly that there were 3.98 million people over the age of 65 living in the USA at that point. This is equivalent to under 13% of the entire population. Out of these 3.98 million people, around 1.46 million are living in nursing homes.

Sadly while the quantity of aged folk rises, so does the quantity of old being abused. Incredibly the great majority of old abuse takes place in the home and is perpetrated by family members, ie sons, daughters, or grandkids. So what really comprises aged abuse?

Old abuse comes in numerous different guises and doesn't have to be purely physical here are some examples:

Mental abuse

In numerous cases siblings of the old are forced to look after their family elders due to fiscal restraints and this will cause undue stress on the family member, especially if the elder cannot entirely look after themselves. The idea of having to become a carer when you are attempting to hold down a job and keep the household together can regularly get too much and circumstances like incessant blaming, yelling and screaming, and even shame and scorn are sorts of abuse. Psychological abuse may also be non oral in that the carer can forget the old person, or isolate them from friends and other family members.

Neglect or ignorance of the elders desires

The majority of old abuse cases fall under this category. Neglect can happen in a care home environment when there is inadequate staff, or untrained staff to handle the needs of the elder and they may well be ignored, or just forgotten about. Also in the home, the carer might be ignorant to the incontrovertible fact that the elder needs more care than the carer believes.


Sexual abuse is not only about the act itself with that person. Instead it can also cover causing the elder to take a look at lewd material, watch an act of sex by others or forcing the elder to disrobe in front of them. These are all grounds for pedophilia.

Physical abuse

This isn't simply about the process of administering bodily harm, but the nonessential use of restraints, confinement, or maybe over use of drugs or medicine.

Exploitation of finances

This involves the unapproved or unacceptable usage of the elder's money or property. This is often in the shape of liberally taking money out of the elder's account without data, forging signatures on checks and even identity theft.

Healthcare abuse and fraud

Medical care abuse is carried out by unethical medical folks and can cover circumstances like charging for medicine that the elder hasn't had, overcharging for the medication that has been administered, or receiving cash for suggesting particular drugs or over/under medicating the elder.

If you believe any of the above then you should call a professional Riverside attorney who is talented in dealing with such sensitive eventualities.

The unpleasant fact of the affair is that a large amount of cases go unreported, because they can involve other family members or the potential "whistle blower" simply isn't 100% certain of the facts.

So with this in mind, how can you recognize that an elder has been abused? Apart from the most obvious, physical evidence of abuse such as bruising or cuts to the body, there could be other signs which aren't so obvious. These are

Becoming withdrawn

In cases of emotional abuse, the elder who was otherwise gregarious and outgoing may now seem strangely withdrawn and frightened. They might also mumble to themselves like that of someone who has dementia.

Untreated Problems

Quite often an elder who has suffered neglect will have Problems like bed sores, significant weight reduction, malnutrition and dehydration.

Changes to wills etc

If you believe any suspicious changes to any wills, estates or power of attorney then this is probably a good indication that an elder is suffering financial abuse.

Riverside attorneys who are talented in old abuse cases can help in many ways and will get the ball rolling so the elder can at least try to enjoy what's left of their life. Cases like these aren't taken lightly and action will be taken immediately to remove the. Elder from danger. Once the elder is in safe hands, then the counsel can get on with creating a case that may build towards awarding the elder the full and fair compensation that they actually merit.

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