When I Looked Into The Options For Retirement AZ Has Available, I Was Delighted With What I Found

| Friday, March 8, 2013
By Mervin R. Quitzon

I had always wondered why older people flock to the hot climates when they retire, but when my own father retired, I thought he would probably appreciate living somewhere warmer, with a large community of other retirees, so I checked out what options for retirement AZ had to offer. Part of this was because his arthritis was acting up more and more, particularly when it was rainy or cold, and part of it was because he was still insisting on shoveling the driveway and sidewalk each time it snowed, even when the snow was going to melt later in the day.

I could definitely see that all of these things were giving him a hard time, and although he would never complain, I knew that he could not keep up with everything for much longer. My wife and I determined to invite him over for dinner and talk to him about his options and mention the possibility of having him move to Arizona, because several of his good friends had moved there recently.

To my astonishment, he was more than happy to relocate and discover the possibilities for retirement AZ had to offer and mentioned that he had been wanting to say something about moving for a while, but felt that we would stop him. We told him that while we would definitely miss having him around, we just wanted what was best for him and we promised that we would still spend all of our holidays together and visit as frequently as possible.

The next step was to hop on the computer and do some research and find what options were available in Arizona and figure out which facility would be best for my father, and make certain that they would offer the care he would need as he got older and needed more help. Finally, we discovered a place that was reputed to be the best location for assisted living AZ had to offer.

That weekend we went down to Arizona to take a look at the facility in person, and to our relief it looked just as great as it did on the website, so we went ahead and signed the papers and got everything set for Dad to make the move. Within a surprising amount of time, he was all moved in and was starting to enjoy life, glad that he had people there to help him out with his physical needs and that he was warm year round.

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