The Best Assisted Living AZ Has To Offer Is The Ideal Place For Me To Enjoy My Retirement

| Monday, March 25, 2013
By Leanna O. Mills

My husband is only six years older than me, but it seems like these days he is even older as his health has begun to deteriorate, which is why I had to ask my daughter to find what options for assisted living AZ had to offer. I didn't want to give up on the independence that we have appreciated for so long, but I knew that I would no longer be able to care for him as I myself was starting to feel the effects of my advanced age and discovered that I was no spring chicken.

Originally, my husband was very oppose to the notion of moving anywhere, but with my daughter on my side, we were able to join our persuasive forces and convince him that moving to a nice community in Arizona would be great for us. We had both always been fond of Arizona and we thought the warm weather would be a positive change for both of us, and it was still close enough to our kids that it wouldn't be hard to visit them.

I am not very good with computers and my eyes are definitely not what they used to be, so my daughter told me she would be happy to do some searching online to see what assisted living AZ had to offer, which was a burden lifted for me. I figured that it would be quite a while before she would be able to find anything, so I was surprised when she came over the next day with a list of retirement communities she had found for us.

She showed us the list of choices and once we had all discussed the options, my husband and I both agreed that the community that offered senior care consultants who would be there to provide assistance for my husband and his health problems would be best for us. Once we knew for sure that that was what we wanted to do, our daughter made the arrangements and I set about listing our home for sale and getting everything organized for the move.

We were amazed at how smoothly the move actually went, and when we arrived there, the staff and management were absolutely wonderful, taking great pains to make certain that we felt welcome and comfortable in our new home. We are very happy with how everything worked out and absolutely love our new home, and it is very reassuring to know that we have the help and care that we need available to us, while we are still able to keep our independence which is so important to us.

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