The Answer To How Much Does A Cremation Cost

| Tuesday, March 26, 2013
By Jill Faulkner

More and more individuals have started to be curious, making inquiries as how much does cremation cost. This is actually expected especially since the concept of incinerating dead bodies is now overtaking the concept of traditional funerals and burial. There are many factors affecting how much cremating dead bodies costs. However, because these are still far cheaper than traditional burials, many people still opt for cremations.

Cremation is a process whereby dead bodies will be burned to ash remains. This is often conducted within funeral homes, crematories and chapels. Large industrial furnaces or incinerators will be used for the burning process and this will last up to around 4 hours, though this will still depend on body size. Any bone fragment left will be crushed into very fine powder.

How much a cremation service will cost usually varies on how you will want the remains of your loved one disposed. A mortician will playing a major role throughout the process. He should be able to provide you an estimate of how much you will need to prepare. You can choose to have a funeral service before the incineration. You can also choose a direct cremation as well.

Families who have thought of conducting funeral services for body viewing may shell out cash close to 3,500 dollars. The amount will include costs for the transport of bodies, embalming, services from funeral directors and other essential preparations. Nondescript caskets will also be needed for the viewing. Families might choose to rent caskets though as this option is much cheaper. Before cremating bodies, they should first be put into non-pliable containers.

Memorial services will involve renting of facilities at funeral homes, as well as fees for the transport of bodies to crematories. Included in the costs are the services of ministers and facilitators who will be conducting the memorial ceremonies. Estimated expenses for the option would be around 1,200 US dollars.

In order to keep your costs to a minimum, then you might want to hold a private memorial service instead. What is great about private services is that the decision on who you will get for the service and where you want it held will hugely depend on you. Make sure that you budget everything first. Considering the embalming, transportation and cremation, you will most likely need somewhere around 1,000 dollars.

Families who would want to limit their expenses may choose to have direct cremations. These will not require any mediating service from funeral directors and will also eliminate body viewing and funeral options. Usually, families will have to prepare around 100 dollars or a bit more for this.

Families have a lot of options for where they would want ash remains to be placed. Most will consider a niche columbarium, where urns containing ash remains are usually placed. Ash containers may also be buried underneath private properties and cemeteries. Others will scatter ashes around the favorite spots of the deceased though.

Before you commit to any service, make sure that you have ascertained how much does cremation cost. You might want to contact a number of crematories or funeral homes for this. Inquire from them about the rates of their services. Go for one which can offer you the best deal.

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