I Was Thrilled To Find The Best Senior Healthcare Services In Arizona

| Sunday, March 24, 2013
By Ellen H. Gutkowski

It is never pleasant to see older people start to decline and lose their faculties as they get older, but it is particularly difficult to see it happen to a close member of your family as was the case with my elderly aunt who could no longer take care of herself, so we began looking into senior healthcare services. The reason that the responsibility fell to me and my siblings was that my aunt had never had any children and her husband had passed away a few years before and they had always been like a second set of parents for us.

One of our biggest requirements was that we wanted to find a place that was close to us so that we could visit her often, but we also wanted to find a place that offered senior healthcare services that would be able to provide her with the help she needed. These specifications made the search slightly more difficult and we wanted to make sure to do our homework and thoroughly research our options before deciding.

I told my siblings that I had some free time and I would not mind doing some research online, so I got on the computer and looked at what various options there were for senior living in the area. I spent quite a long time on the Internet reading and studying, which took a while, considering that there are quite a few retirement communities and homes and other facilities in the state of Arizona.

After a while longer, I was able to narrow down my search and eliminate most of the places and settle on one retirement community that looked really amazing, and as I looked over their website I knew without any doubt that this would be the perfect place for my sweet aunt to spend the rest of her life. I could tell that the staff was very kind and that they genuinely cared about the residents and about supporting their dignity, which was something I was worried about, and the facility was close to my home so I could visit my aunt frequently.

I visited the facility and I could barely believe that the place looked even more impressive than it had on the website, and we were all so happy to have found the perfect solution. Obviously it was somewhat painful for my aunt to leave behind her longtime home, but once she got adjusted in her new home, she made tons of new friends and was absolutely loving her life in the best place for retirement AZ had to offer!

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