Top Things To Do When Providing Elder Home Care

| Monday, July 9, 2012
By Elinor Tran

With elderly parents, one tends to worry about them and their safety. You want to make sure that a trip to the bathroom will not turn to a trip to the hospital, due to a fall. When providing elder home care Downingtown residents can try these things to make their home safe for their loved ones.

Check all rooms for any wires or electrical cords spread across the floor. Electrical cords that extend from one side of the room to the next could be dangerous. If the cord is necessary then consider applying tape so that it will not be lifted. Then place this wire under a carpet, if one is placed in the room.

Grab bars should be installed by the toilets, bathtubs and shower stalls. This will help them have something to hold on to while getting up. It will give them support so that they do not fall down. The bathtub and shower stalls should also have an anti-slip bathroom mat.

When caring for a loved one, always have water accessible for them. You can do so by putting a large pitcher of water on a table next to their bed. Keep a cup with enough water at their bedside for them to grab anytime they are thirsty. This will allow them to get plenty of water as needed, and helps them by not having to walk all the way to the kitchen for it.

Poor lighting in the house is one of the top reasons, why the elder trip and injure themselves. In order to avoid having your loved one go through something like this, you can light up the place. That is put adequate lighting in the areas your loved one goes to, such as the bathroom, the stairway, and other areas of the house.

These are things that will make things at home easier for your elderly loved one. With these tips for elder home care Downingtown children can have peace of mind. These things will provide safety for your love one, and will help them avoid having an accident.

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